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posted Aug 30, 2015, 11:22 AM by Shayna Goldwasser

On Thursday, we went to Tzfat where we saw an old Synagogue and we saw this really cool candle making store.  Then we went to Haifa where we saw the Bahai gardens.  We also took a ride on the carmelit which is a train that goes up and down the Carmel mountain in a steep angle.  It was really fun!  Then we came back to Jerusalem.

On Friday, we went to downtown Jerusalem and did a little bit of shopping.

On Shabbat we went to shul and then we went to my parents' friends Marc and Ellie's for Shabbat lunch.  Late in the afternoon Noam read Torah at Mincha,

Today we participated in an Archaeological dig and went spelunking through a cave!  Then we went climbed on some tanks at the tank museum.  That was also fun!  Then we went to the illegal bullet factory which is an underground bullet factory that was used in the time of the war of independence.  It was really fun!

Overall I have had a lot of fun.  I can't wait to go home on Tuesday, but I am also a little sad to leave Israel.

First half of week two by Shayna

posted Aug 26, 2015, 11:21 AM by Shayna Goldwasser

On Sunday we went to the Old City of Jerusalem!! We had a lot of fun and my favorite part was definitely the Kotel.  And guess what?  It was actually my Hebrew birthday!!  The other things we did was go to the Archaeological park museum, the Western Wall Tunnel, and we walked along the city walls.
This is the Tower of David in the Old City.

Artifacts from the Archaeological park museum.

The Kotel

On Monday we went to Masada.  It was really hot, but a lot of fun.  Then we went to Ein Gedi where there was a spring and we got to go in the water. It was beautiful!  Then we went to the Dead sea.  I had trouble floating, but I was finally able to do it.  Finally, we went to Genesis Land.  We had a camel ride, which was kind of scary, and then dinner in Abraham's tent, which was REALLY good!

Me under the waterfall at Ein Gedi

Ima at the waterfall at Ein Gedi

The view at Genesis Land

On Tuesday we went up to the north and went to Caesarea.  We saw some Roman ruins that King Herod built.  Next we went to Akko and we had pita and humus and one of the best Humus places int he world!  We also heard about the Jewish jail break from the Akko prison.  Then we went to Rosh Hanikra where we saw the grottos that were created by the Mediterranean sea hitting the soft rock.  We got splashed!  After that we went to the hotel and went to sleep (yawn).

One of the grottos at Rosh Hanikra

Today we went to Tel Dan and saw one of the sources of the Jordan river.  We also saw ruins from the Israelite city of Dan.  Then we had ATV rides.  I thought it was going to be boring, but it was kinda fun (I would have rather gone rafting).  Then we went to Katzrin and saw a movie about the Golan Heights. After dinner we went back to the hotel and then after I finish writing, I am going to go to sleep.

The Dan River

Ruins at ancient Dan

Getting ready for our ATV ride

Overall, I had a LOT of fun!

No name... - Noam

posted Aug 24, 2015, 11:47 AM by Noam Goldwasser

It's been a while since I last blogged, so I have a lot to cover. On Friday, we went to the City of David and learned about the things there. We also went to Machane Yehuda, where we were all tired by the end. On Saturday, we went to a fully handicap accessible shul, and met Ima and Abba's friend Alexis. On Sunday, we went to the Old City, including Hezekiah's Tunnel (I went through a different tunnel that was dry), and the Western Wall (With its tunnels)! Today, we went to Masada (lots of interesting stuff there), Ein Gedi (nice place to cool off), and the Dead Sea (I failed at floating :D)! Then we had an interesting dinner at Genesis Land!
Shayna at Ein Gedi
Abba's turn!
Ima, too!
Shayna lay down in the water.
I'm not a big picture guy.

Week One - by Shayna

posted Aug 22, 2015, 10:36 AM by Shayna Goldwasser   [ updated Aug 22, 2015, 10:46 AM by Noam Goldwasser ]

The flight was very long and I couldn't sleep!  I even took a selfie without selfie mode on my camera!  I watched Harry Potter 3 and Into the Woods on the plane.
When we got here I was a little bit nervous because I have never been to a different country before.  I wasn't nervous anymore when we got to overlook the old city of Jerusalem at the Tayelet.  The rest of the day we were mostly at the apartment.  That night we saw the Jerusalem Time Elevator, which is a movie about the history of Jerusalem with seats that move and make you feel like you are actually moving in the movie.  After that we had this really good dinner!

The next day we met the tour guide and went to see the City of David.  It was a really cool site and we got to walk through Hezekiah's Tunnel.  Hezekiah's tunnel is a tunnel that you walk through water and it was used back in the time of Kind Hezekiah to bring water to the city while they were being attacked by the Assyrians.  Ima and I, and our guide walked through the tunnel with water, while Abba, Avi, and Noam when through a dry tunnel.

Today was Shabbat and we went to shul and visited my parents' friend Alexis.  I had sent my Flat Stanley to her when I was in First Grade!

Overall, I have had fun this week and I will write more during the week.

First Day!!

posted Aug 20, 2015, 12:20 PM by Noam Goldwasser   [ updated Aug 20, 2015, 12:21 PM ]

Today I got to see a lot of things that are different in Israel. I saw that street signs have three languages on them, and traffic lights use yellow when it's about to turn green as well as red. I also tasted Israeli pizza! (It's not that much different) I also experienced the Jerusalem Time Elevator! (Too wet for me :( ) I can't wait to see more!

EDIT: By Noam, not Shayna! :)

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